Tacos can be prepared in many different ways… with seafood, chicken and definitely beef, where I’m from in Mexico, a city called Monterrey, tacos mainly are made with steak (carne asada), that is how I always ate and enjoyed tacos. After living and traveling in different cities of Mexico I realized that steak tacos were being prepared in different ways in every city o region and liked them all.

All with a unique twist, unique ingredients and different type of tortillas.

It was fascinating that even just with one same type of protein the opportunity for exploration and differentiation existed due to the combination of ingredients, flavors, textures, colors and sizes of each steak taco.

When I came to Louisville in 2008, I started having friends over at our home for taco nights or taco parties and every time I’d prepare different steak tacos sharing a unique experience from Mexico to my new friends, this is why, I wanted now at MexA to offer a unique and simple experience by offering one thing, the best steak tacos, prepared the same way and with the same ingredients that I prepare them at my home.

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Stop by whenever you would like a tasty bite and delicious mexican beer. Stay in touch on social media to know more about our special events.

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